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Wrzes. 12th | 566 notek
Wrzes. 12th | 7 497 notek
Wrzes. 12th | 2 276 notek
Wrzes. 12th | 265 notek nain:

You should have just died.
Wrzes. 12th | 425 notek
Wrzes. 12th | 2 904 notki
Sier. 31st | 4 notki Maki Love Story… On a hot summer afternoon day, Nico accidentally caught a glimpse of Maki red notebook. There a picture of her doing nico nii with a caption beside her. Written there “I love her. Everytime i see her my heart hurts a lot. When she smiled at me, i feel tht the world is turning white, if only she harbour the same feeling as i do.” Nico was surprised. She didn’t know what should she do upon seeing this. As she was trying to leave from the room. She saw Maki standing at the door with a red blushing face. “You saw everything Nico.” as Nico replied in a nervous voice. “Wha-what could u be talking about.. I don’t read anything tht is related to a red book tht is left on that table with a picture of me” - before Nico even finished her sentence, Maki approach her slowly and out her arms around Nico. “Ma-maki, this is not the place where you should be doing this.” unable to contain her feeling, Maki started to cry. “I know you think me as a freak now. I know you would avoid me, i know you would hate me as much as i hate myself. But, i can’t help but to fall in love with you!! I dont expect u to understand but please let me say this once before i let you go. From the moment you joined this group. From the moment you smiled to me, my whole body is calling out, calling out to you. Please don’t leave me, because you are my love.” Maki wiped her eyes. And then she smiled towards Nico with her reddish eye, and started to leave the room.”Thats not fair!!!!!” Nico stopped Maki before she could leave the room. “Even me, do you know hard am i trying to control this feeling. Your not the only one who are now the victim of this being called love. I love you too. But you always act cold to me. Do you now how much it hurt, i thought you hate me! And now your saying this to me!? I hate you!! I really really hate you.” Silence, no one was moving aftr the shocking confession from both parties. Maki grabbed Nico tiny hand an said “I’m sorry, now i know how did you feel for me. Should we start over again?” with a light kiss on Nico’s forehead. “Do whatever u want. You selfish creature. I really hate you.” Blushing as she looks downwards refusing to show Maki her face. “Thank you for not leaving me Nico-chan. Thank you. For everything.” They left the clubroom with a big smile on their face holding their hands together. The signal of the newly innocent couple love are not over yet. Now the white paper of their love story, will be painted with colours by these two artist, Maki and Nico. 
Sier. 31st | 8 581 notek
Sier. 30th | 859 notek
Sier. 30th | 6 071 notek
Sier. 30th | 3 356 notek
Sier. 30th | 187 notek
Sier. 30th | 1 619 notek
Sier. 14th | 9 671 notek
Sier. 13th | 1 346 notek 
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